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Hi, Tim Mutimer from Big Yella Time Lures,

I have personally built this company from nothing, but a few years ago I seen the potential in a couple of lures from Japan. The Mazzy Vib and the Mazzy popper. These 2 lures that had been kept a little too quiet from the public in Australia for too long. I now work in conjunction with a Japanese company to bring the best quality and consistant fish catching product available to all Australians. With a little revamp in design the Mazzy vib has a new look and the action now suits our Freshwater natives taste.

If you know the Mazzy Vib and how proven and effective they have been on the Yellow belly and bass scene, wait to see what is coming next. We are growing with each passing year and we have appreciated the loyal support from all the Mazzy flickers.

There is always a keen, competitive tournament fisherman that will eventually find a product that produces a lot of fish but keeps it quiet from the competition so he can win a few comps. The only problem is, I have let the secret out and is proven that success is no accident.

If you check out the blog section of the web site you will see how successful the Mazzy VIB' was at one local lure competition when we first introduced the Mazzys to Australia back in 2011. The results speak for themselves. Absolutely dominated the field of anglers and to this day they are still proving their worth.

There is also an article of the Mutimer family dominating the Great Inland fishing festival. This was my proudest moment as a dad with my boys and knowing that I am building a company that will see the future of fishing in my family continue on through the years to come.

We strive on supporting small fishing clubs as these are the fishos and families that help put fingerlings in our waterways with yearly releases.

I am personelly a total catch and release promoter as this is the future for our children and generations to come for healthy fishing waterways that will produce memories for many years to come. In saying this we don't look down on anyone for taking a feed as this is part of living. We like to promote you do it in moderation and to the fisheries guidelines which ever state you are in.

Thankyou to all for your support and I hope our poducts give you the memories they are giving me and my family, also to many other keen fishos that have found the BigYellaTime way of life.




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