Mazzy SLIDE BOMBER, 100mm/40gram Slow wide S-Curve action.

Bigyellatime has released the all new Mazzy Slide Bomber, whether you want to catch fish in the freshwater or your saltwater estuaries this lure has you covered.

The all new Mazzy Slide Bomber is finally here. Many hours of design to get this lure doing what was intended, the Slide Bomber is a tall bodied lure designed to swim in a wide S-Curves. By changing your retrieve speeds with a start stop action the action can be increase dramatically. The Slide bomber can be retrieved at super slow speeds but also does not mind pace either, very slow sink and this action causes large fish which are timid and cunning an irresistible urge to attack.

So whether you want to target Murray cod in the fresh or Jewy, Jacks and flathead in the salt. This lure has you covered.